EuroPlank - Oak Midnight Black

Innovative and seductive with a masculine touch this floor makes a bold statement on its own.



EuroPlank - Teak

Teak known for its durability more expensive than most other timbers, teak flooring has become a status symbol.


EuroPlank - Iroko Nature

Referred to as African Teak although unrelated to the Teak family this floor is as durable and will stand the test of time.


Europlank - Oak Sepia

A specialized colour toning that gives a sepia floor warm shades of brown a stylistic choice in a modern setting..


Europlank - Oak Villa

Appreciate tradition with the natural beauty of oak.


Europlank - Midi Grande Natural

It’s unique character offers a wide range of design uses with a its natural lighter colour  this floor will complement most interior settings.


EuroPlank - Midi Grande Blanc

This light floor is a statemant in itself which leaves room for you to set the mood. It reflects the light and increases the feeling of space.


EuroPlank - Merbau Nature

Known as Kwila, Merbau is a high quality, strong and durable hardwood with rich timeless characteristics.


EuroPlank - Jatoba Nature

Brazilian cherry or Jatoba as it’s known in Brazil whatever it’s called it’s an exceptionally hardwood with colour characteristics of mahogany.



EuroPlank - Oak Smoked Country

Crisp and clean with an abundance of natural light this floor allows you to dress it up with colour.

EuroPlank - Oak Polar White

A timeless appeal and enduring popularity adds to this classic look.


The Legacy Collection:

Legacy Collection - Oak Deep Brown

This floor offers depth and character with a rustic appeal, a strong bold influence in any room.

Legacy Collection - Oak Grey

It’s a neutral colour that can offer a soothing, cooling presence, it also works well with many other colours.

Legacy Collection - Oak Natural

The natural appearence of this floor lightens up every room and creates a smooth, elegant atmosphere.


Legacy Collection - Oak White

This popular oak floor has a whitewash effect, unlike natural oak this floor will maintain its colour giving you a floor that will enhance any décor.